Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Oldest Native American Transcribed Song 

Photo Courtesy Simon A. Eugster, Creative Commons

Membertou's Songs

Marc Lescarbot ,  french lawyer, writer,  who came to Acadia  in 1606 along with Champlain, 'provides us with the oldest existing transcriptions of a songs from theAmericas — three songs by Membertou, Sagamo of the Mi'kmaq.

Song 1

Holoet ho ho hé hé ha ha haloet ho ho hé
Re fa sol sol re sol sol fa fa re re sol sol fa fa

Song 2

Egrigna hau egrigna hé he hu hu ho ho ho egrigna hau hau hau
Fa fa fa sol sol fa fa re re sol sol fa fa fa re fa fa sol sol sol

Song 3

Tamema alleluya tameja douveni hau hau hé hé
Sol sol sol fa fa re re re fa fa sol fa sol fa fa re re

For more info and sheet music for Native American flute check...

Or check Marc Lescarbot's book at Project Gutenburg 

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