Friday, September 6, 2013

Mi'kmaq, the Miracle Cure?

Mi'kmaq, The Miracle Cure?

 Photograph, Hagerty Ryan, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

From the Jesuit Relations

The Mi'kmaq .... eat its (moose) flesh, are clothed with its skin, and are cured by the hoof of its left hind leg. In this hoof there is a certain marvelous and manifold virtue, as is affirmed by the testimony of the most famous physicians.

It avails especially against epilepsy, whether it be applied to the breast, where the heart is throbbing, or whether it be placed in the bezel of a ring, which is worn upon the finger next to the little finger of the left hand, or,finally, if it also be held in the hollow of the left hand, clenched in the fist. 

Nor does it have less power in the cure of pleurisy, dizziness, and, if we may believe those familiar with it, six hundred other diseases.

Please check back often for wonderful facts re Mi'kmaq in honour of Mi'kmaq History month, October. Posts will continue until the end of October.

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