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Ancient Mi'kmaw Symbol

Ancient Mi'kmaw Symbol

Index fingers touching

This ancient symbol used by Membertou, the Mi'kmaq Sagamo, symbolises equality, and also symbolises the relationship between the French and the natives on the Eastern Seaboard in the early sixteen hundreds. 

Marc Lescarbot wrote the explanation at the time of  Champlain's second voyage. The French and Mi'kmaq, also called the Souriquois, were different people but worked as equals, each leaning from the other, and sharing what they had.

The index fingers together show that none is taller than the other, also it forms the shape of a tent with only one entrance, Mother Earth, equally accessible to all.

"This Membertou told us at our first coming thither that he wished to make a present to the King of his copper mine, since he was that we held metals in high regards, and since Sagamores must be honourable and liberal one towards the other.  
For being himself a Sagamos, he considers himself the

equal of a king and of all his lieutenants, and often said

to M. de Poutrincourt that he was his great friend, 

brother, companion,and equal, showing the equality by 

joining together the fingers of each hand which we call 

the pointing or index finger.” 

Marc Lescarbot

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