Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Marc Lescarbot

Who Was Matc Lescarbot?

Marc Lescarbot (c. 1570–1641) was a French author, poet and lawyer he is comsidered the first writer of  New France.  He arrived st Port Royal in Nova Scotia in 1606 and stayed until 1607. 

His book, " Histoire de la Nouvelle France " is considered one of the great books of Canadian history. It has  been translated into English and is available on Amazon and on Project Gutenburg. 

His play, Théâtre de Neptune was performed at Port Royal and is considered the first theatrical production in North America.

From Archives Canada

Lescarbot wrote about the Mi'kmaq (Souriquois), about their customs, their dress, their way of life and their close relationship with the French. "Histories de L Nouvelle France" was one of the main inspiration for my book, Mi'kmaq Song.

Theatre Neptune on Amazon

Please check back often for wonderful facts re Mi'kmaq in honour of Mi'kmaq History month, October. Posts will continue until the end of October.

Pat Cher
Mi'kmaq Song, a time travel story set in Mi'kmaq territory in the early 1600's. Awesome reviews.

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