Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Book Clubs Anyone?

Woke up later than usual this morning. The phone rang at ten and I still wasn't out of my nightclothes. 
"Pat, are you coming?" It was my friend Adele. I thought she was calling to cancel the night's meeting because of the snow, but no, they were all at her friend's house waiting for me.
I must have been a little confused when she invited me to her book club, The Twisted Sisters, ( great name, eh?). She had told me ten. O'clock and I heard seven...
Half an hour later I was sitting around a group of very welcoming women.
Their book club has a theme every month , and this month's was Aboriginal , the reason for the invite to speak about Mi'kmaq Song. 
I thoroughly enjoyed each woman's presentation on a book or books they had read, and made tons of notes on books I want to buy. I also had fun giving my presentation, talking about the early Mi'kmaq and about the reasons for the book. It was a great morning, and having to rush, meant I didn't have time to think about being nervous.
Being there, the ambience, the new insights, new authors, new points of view was a real high and made me think that it might be a great idea to have a book club that concentrates on aboriginal subjects... Here at home, on line or as a Google+ group.
Thoughts anyone?

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  1. Hi Pat I think that is a great idea! I have just found your book online
    and really look forward to reading it
    I live in Australia but travel to Newfoundland every year and like to learn more about the Aboriginal people who lived there thanks for sharing :)