Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mi'kmaq Song by Pat Cher

Mi’kmaq Song 
Pat Cher 
Photograph courtesy of safa ghasemkhani

  It began with a dream. "Come follow me." Gheeju, her Mi’kmaq grandmother, urged. Maggie didn't realize that to follow would mean plunging into uncharted wilderness beginning with the sighting of a phantom ship. 

It became a voyage of daring which taxed her endurance as well as her soul. Captivity, honor, ancient courtship rituals, and a new spirituality root her in a culture, Gheeju had held dear, but it is more than Gheeju had taught, much more. 

Maggie captured by Abtatuk , a Mi’kmaq, finds her life turned upside down as she experiences the Mi’kmaq way of life; their legends, the Little People, the neighbouring Penobscot. 

Time and perils change her relationship to Abtatuk. Will Maggie find her way back home and if she does, will she want to return?


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