Sunday, November 25, 2012

Celebrate by Pippa Middleton

Browsed this book out of curiosity and surprised myself by buying it. Celebrate is a combination of well-thought out recipes, crafts and ideas for family fun. It is set with some of the best illustrations and photos I've seen in a book of this genre. 
Not being British, I was charmed by customs and recipes which were unfamiliar. Some will be added to our own family traditions. One I will try this holiday season  is Stir-up Sunday. 
The book set- up is easy to follow,and  centres around the seasons and their special days.; Robbie Burns,  picnics, camping, Hallowe'en....
I am an indie author/publisher and pay close attention to ratings on Amazon.
After I bought Celebrate, I checked the rating and couldn't believe some of the nasty remarks and low scores. They were clearly undeserved and made me wonder about the motivation behind  some of the malicious comments. 
Celebrate is a book about home and family and traditions, a book I will be using for years to come.
 I could see Celebrate turned into a  weekly tv show or  a tv special for each season! 

Pat Cher 
Author Mi'kmaq Song

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