Monday, July 9, 2012

Mi'kmaq Song Readers Favorite Book Review *****

Received this today! So Happy !
Mi'kmaq Song  5 Stars*****

Book Review
Reviewed by Tamera L. for Readers Favorite

Newly divorced, Maggie lives a pretty mundane life. She learns the old customs and language of her ancestors, the Mi’kmag people, through her grandmother Maggie and they linger in her memories. After her grandmother’s death, Maggie finds solace in her dreams where her grandmother still regularly visits and guides her. Maggie depends heavily on her own special song – something her ancestors relished. But Maggie’s life takes an unexpected turn when she takes a canoe ride and finds herself face to face with a ghostly ship from the past. Escaping from the pirates, she finds herself back on the coast only to discover that things are no longer the same. Stuck in a time warp, Maggie comes face to face with a new terrifying reality as she struggles to escape the bounds of slavery. But all is not lost, for Maggie meets Abtatuk, a special warrior who aids her through her perilous battle for survival and fills the empty void of her heart.

"Mi'kmaq Song" by Pat Cher is a spectacular book filled with historical prowess and a breathtaking view of the Mi’Kmag people. Maggie’s adventures weave magically throughout each page as she battles for existence using her wits, courage, a few modern gadgets and of course her special song. I enjoyed taking this wild roller coaster ride with Maggie and Abtatuk. The writer did a great job of creating this distinctive world, which I felt firmly a part of. I look forward to reading more books from this talented writer. This is one of the best books I have read in a while. Great job! 

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